Step 2:  Dashboard

Rental Software Dashboard Configuration

Understanding your Rental Software Dashboard

  1. Dashboard Tab

Use this button to return to the main dashboard screen

  1. Sales Tab

Use this button to select the Sales Dashboard Screen

  1. Delivery Tab

Use this button to select the Delivery Dashboard Screen

  1. Stock Tab

Use this button to select the Stock Dashboard Screen

  1. Search Field

Enter your search request to efficiently find items within your RentalTrax system

  1. Activities Column

In this column you will see any Activities that are booked within your system.

  1. Action Bar

Here you will find all of the dropdown lists available to setup your system, create quotes, and handle operations within your RentalTrax System

  1. Upgrade Link

Use this link to add any features to your RentalTrax system.  Depending on the level that you signed up for, you may need to use this link to increase your order limit, users and more

  1. Configuration Link

Here you can change some of the core settings of your system, which include Country, Timezone, Language and Currency

  1. Fast Search

This feature allows you to search and find Orders, Customers, Projects, Tasks and Products within your system at an incredibly efficient rate

  1. Shortcuts

This drop down menu provides you with shortcut key strokes to help speed up the process of working within the system

  1. Profile Link

Here you can edit your Username, Password, E-Mail address and Telephone number.  By creating your own username and password, you can make it more memorable than the computer generated one you received from us.

  1. Log Out Link

Use this link to log out of your system.  The system will also time out if inactive for a prolonged period of time.

  1. New Order Shortcut Button

This button provides quick access to your order sheets and will prompt a pop up window selection screen for your order types.

  1. Calendar Button

Clicking this button will send you to your full page calendar view.  Depending on your settings, you will be able to view your orders, quotes, etc. within your RentalTrax calendar

  1. Coverage Button

This button is used to provide a snap shot of your product’s availability in a 15 day calendar format.  The products will be color coded based on their availability on certain dates

  1. Week Overview

This button provides access to your weekly overview of activities within the RentalTrax system.  You can use this to plan out your week, and have the option to look forward in time to future activities.

  1. Todays Date – Activity Column

Any activities that are expected to occur (orders, tasks, etc.) will be listed under the date

  1. Recent Activity Column

Any changes made to the system will be listed reverse chronologically here.  You can always check back on any changes made to customers, orders, products and more by clicking through the recent activities

  1. Available Products

Use this section to provide your clients with available product information.  You can sort this based on categories (see 21) and get a quick snapshot of what products are available

  1. Categories

Here are listed the categories that you have created within your RentalTrax system.   Click the

  1. List Products

Click this button to activate your search for available products.