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Rental Software - RentalTrax User Manual



We offer free training and support for all your questions about product and services in our Support Center you will find articles on working with RentalTrax and issue solving.  For more detailed issues we offer online and support packages.


Any system related issues, or flaws can be directed to our Software Center where the team will gladly help. Make sure that you have the appropriate package for your preferred communication method.


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While we hope to support you in any way we can, it is impossible for us to train each and every user that sign's up for a system. Training packages can be purchased through the upgrade link in your system if you need additional assistance.


Training questions are typically formed as:

  • I don't understand a feature
  • Can you tell me how to ...
  • Will you show me ...

These types of questions (and more) do not count as technical support and are subject to charge. Make sure that you take advantage of our Support packages to avoid high priced support tickets.

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