Operating a business can be a difficult task; one that is filled with many different operations,
functions, necessary tasks and ideas that can seem daunting. With the RentalTrax Inventory
Management Software System, you can help alleviate some of the stress involved with running your
business’ day to day operations.

But let’s face it … software is scary!

Knowing where to go to set up the system, how to get started, where to find help, how to maintain
the system, etc. can all seem a little too much. With RentalTrax we want to reduce those strains and
help you focus on your business.

Through the use of this simple instruction manual, you will learn:

• How to setup your core software features
• How to setup additional features
• Where to go for help with the system
• How manage updates and new features
• The difference between web-based software and desktop software
• How to grow your business using Module add-ons
• And More…

Whether you are a new business or have been in operations for years, there is always a way to
increase your revenue and focus on your bottom line. Adding software to your business can take a
significant time dedication initially, but will pay huge dividends in the long run by freeing up your
time to track down clients and grow your business.

Follow along with these easy steps to get started with your system today!