Step  Eight:  Condition  Template  Setup

Condition  Templates  (or  Contract  Templates)  can  be   attached  to  any  order  and  save  you  from   worrying  about  whether  or  not  your  client  has  seen  your  terms  and  agreements.    The  Condition   Template  is  created  on  the  second  page  of  the  Customer  Order.    To  modify  your  Condition   Templates,  go  to:  Settings  >  Condition  Templates

1) Edit  Contract  Template  Title

2) Standard  Contract   Toggle  between  “Yes”  and  “No”  to  determine  if  this  contract  will  be  your  standard  contract   upon  order  creation.    You  will  choose  which  order  type  in  step  4.    If  you  decide  that  this   contract  will  be  the  standard  for  that  order  type,  then  you  will  not  need  to  select  the   contract  to  ensure  that  it  is  attached  to  the  order.    This  option  is  best  if  your  business  only   uses  one  rental  agreement  or  contract.

3) Name – Give  your  contract  a  unique  name  that  helps  you  to  differentiate  between  contracts  when   selecting  them  for  the  order.    The  client  will  NOT  see  this  name,  so  you  can  make  it  as   unique  as  you  wish.

4) Order  Type – Depending  on  your  business  model,  you  can  assign  different  contracts  for  different  order   types.    If  you  select  an  order  type  using  the  drop  down  menu,  that  contract  will  only  be   available  when  creating  an  order  for  that  type.    If  you  leave  the  field  Blank,  the  created   contract  will  be  available  for  all  order  types.

5) Dynamic Drop Down – As  in  the  E-­‐Mail  Template  creation,  you  can  use  Dynamic  Fields  to  provide  a  more   professional  and  personal  touch  to  your  contracts.    The  system  will  pull  the  information   provided  in  the  setup  of  the  system  to  fill  in  the  blanks  where  the  dynamic  fields  are  placed.     Please  be  advised  that  if  there  is  no  information  to  retrieve,  the  dynamic  field  will  be  blank   within  the  contract.

6) Contract  Body  Text – Enter  your  rental  agreement  text  here.    You  can  copy  and  paste  it  into  this  section  from  your   previous  system  if  that  saves  time.    You  can  also  use  the  dynamic  fields  to  help  create  a   more  professional  look  to  the  contract.    There  is  no  max  character  limit  for  this  text  field,  so   place  all  of  your  contract  text  into  the  template.

7) Back  Button – Go  back  to  the  Condition  Template  Directory  page  without  saving  your  work.

8) Delete  Button – Use  this  button  to  delete  the  contract  template  from  the  system.    If  the  contract  is  active   within  the  system  on  an  order,  you  will  not  be  able  to  delete  it  from  your  system.

9) Save  Button – Save  your  work  consistently  to  avoid  unnecessary  loss  of  work.