Rental Software Login

Logging in to your Rental Software program by RentalTrax

Logging In

1) Your  personal  address  within  RentalTrax.   Once  you  have  signed  up  for  RentalTrax  you  will  be  sent  a  welcome  e-­‐mail  containing  a  link   to  your  own  personal  address  within  the  system  (i.e.  http://?????    This  gives   you  your  own  personal  site  to  log  in  through.       HINT:    BOOKMARK  THIS  PAGE!    You  will  ALWAYS  log  in  through  this  page,  so  keep  it  handy.   HINT  #2:    You  will  NEVER    log  in  through  outside  sources.    For  example,  if  your  address  bar   reads:,  you  are  in  the  wrong  place  and  will  not  be  able  to  log  in.


2) Logo   Your  company  logo  will  default  here  once  setup  within  the  system.   If  you  need  to  leave  the  RentalTrax  logo  on  the  screen  to  remind  you  what  program  you  are   using,  or  if  you  just  like  the  look  of  it,  we  don’t  mind  the  free  advertising,  but  it’s  up  to  you.


3) Username  /  E-­‐mail   In  the  welcome  e-­‐mail  you  received  there  will  be  log  in  credentials,  but  I  will  save  you  the   time  for  checking  the  e-­‐mail  and  tell  you  that  your  Username  is  the  e-­‐mail  address  you   signed  up  with.       You  can  later  create  new  users  and  their  usernames  will  also  be  their  e-­‐mail  address.


4) Password   This  is  a  computer  generated  password  that  you  were  provided  in  the  welcome  e-­‐mail  (OK,   now  go  look).    The  support  team  will  have  no  way  of  checking  on  this  password  for  you  as  it   is  randomly  generated.    Don’t  worry  if  you  forget  your  random  password,  we  have  a   solution  for  you…


5)  Forgot  Password  Button   And  the  solution  is:    click  the  forgot  password  button  and  a  new  randomly  generated   password  will  be  sent  to  your  e-­‐mail  address.


6) RentalTrax  News  Feed   This  news  feed  will  automatically  be  updated  with  any social media news that we create so that you are always kept informed of what’s going on.